Finally Here!


The moose has been on my mind everyday for the past 9 months - almost like a baby! Now we are finally ready to launch, and I'm very relieved that we've got this far, although this is only a start!

I've had lots of fun with the moose so far and the learning curve has been pretty steep. I've suddenly got to do all sorts of exciting things like visiting showrooms and getting cool stock delivered to my door. I've also rescued one poor delivery chap, whose van broke down in front of the moose camp too... I've also worked with brilliant professionals and got to work as a copywriter - pardon my English though, as Finnish is my first language!

I truly hope that you like what you see here too! My aim is to have a fun, colourful selection of baby and children's clothes and a cool brand mix. The clothes that we offer are fab to wear, fab to shop and fab to look!


Annika xx

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