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The first 24 h have been just awesome for the moose! Visitors from around the world have found the moose and we've received lots of compliment for the look of the site! Also we've been featured in the Little Scandinavian's blog!

So it's all been very exciting, however, it's been a miserable rainy day outside and now I'm wondering why on earth I didn't get waterproofs for Otto from Finland this Summer. It was a hot day though when I was looking at the cool rain gear in a shop and decided not to buy because I hate bad weather that much that I thought I wouldn't be going out if I really didn't have to. Wrong! With a 14 month old toddler who opens all doors and empties all cupboards in a matter of seconds going outside is a relief...

Anyway, what I actually wanted to share with you were these classy photos from the late 70s which I found this Summer at my mum's. They show some errr some original Nordic funky children's wear from the 70's to say the least, and I think my hat was even made by my mum! Yes, and the tiny model is me!

If you like my heart crawlers though, and I actually think they are pretty cute, you can find the modern versions of the retro hearts in Kram's collection! And more good news, there are lots of lovely retro terry looks on their way from Finnish Metsola who have just dispatched their parcel for Hei Moose! Moreover, stunning prints and more colourful designs are in transit from JNY Design, which we really cannot wait to introduce to the UK!

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