Hei Moose Summer Sale

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Hei Moose Summer Sale has started! On the first few days of the sale some styles were immediately sold out and others are quickly going as well. The discount percentages vary between 20-60% and the styles include current Summer clothes and items from previous collections.

The top sellers have been:

JNY Design Circus & Cloud Prints - available in romper suit, body vest, top and dress (from £12)

Smafolk has been hot in general, but especially the purple cats top (£10) and town top (£14) have been popular!

Znok Design's Summer print went on the first 2 days of the sale and the Jurassic print (£14) is going fast too.

In addition Name It stylish trousers with braces have been a hit with just £15!

Shop the Sale collection here!

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