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Trick or treat? Well treat it is at Hei Moose! We have collected some bright orange ideas of Hei Moose's collection to give you some ideas and lighten up the dull end of October! Maxomorra Top £11.90                            Maxomorra Baby Trousers £11.90 Maxomorra Velour Jacket £20.90            Duns Sweden Playsuit £19.90 Duns Sweden Body £18.90                    Duns Sweden Dress £26.90

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Wear It Pink Day - 28th October

geggamoja maxomorra paapii design smafolk

Next Friday is Wear It Pink Day and Hei Moose wants to take part in this important cause. I have gone through Hei Moose's girly part of collection to give you ideas as to what your babies and kids could wear next Friday. Hei Moose will donate £1 of each pink item sold to the Breast Cancer Campaign charity.  As said this is an important cause - breast cancer affects so many mothers, daughters and sisters. This is also a perfect reason to do some girly shopping! You can view Hei Moose's Wear It Pink collection here! Thanks x x     ...

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Getting the show on the road!

Crawlers JNY Design Kram Metsola

The first 24 h have been just awesome for the moose! Visitors from around the world have found the moose and we've received lots of compliment for the look of the site! Also we've been featured in the Little Scandinavian's blog! So it's all been very exciting, however, it's been a miserable rainy day outside and now I'm wondering why on earth I didn't get waterproofs for Otto from Finland this Summer. It was a hot day though when I was looking at the cool rain gear in a shop and decided not to buy because I hate bad weather...

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Finally Here!

Hei! The moose has been on my mind everyday for the past 9 months - almost like a baby! Now we are finally ready to launch, and I'm very relieved that we've got this far, although this is only a start! I've had lots of fun with the moose so far and the learning curve has been pretty steep. I've suddenly got to do all sorts of exciting things like visiting showrooms and getting cool stock delivered to my door. I've also rescued one poor delivery chap, whose van broke down in front of the moose camp too... I've also...

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