I’m Annika and I am very excited to have you in my shop!  Hei Moose offers colourful and fabulous Nordic designed clothes for cool babies and kids. We also offer great gift ideas for newborns and older children and provide a free UK shipping!

The idea of Hei Moose arrived with my son, Otto, in 2010. When expecting my son I used to shop for lots of funky Nordic clothes from my native Finland, which my mum had to send over to me. Otto’s Nordic clothes attracted lots of attention in the UK and got lots of compliments. I thought why not turn my hobby into business and make fresh, fun and quirky Nordic clothes available for the cool children and babies in the UK!

What makes Hei Moose unique is the friendly and personal feel, and of course, the carefully selected Nordic children’s brands by a Finnish mum. As a mum to a boy I have tried to find stock especially for boys in mind, since in my experiences with Otto I have found that there seems to be more nice clothes for girls than for boys. Saying that it’s been great fun to shop clothes for girls for a change, and I absolutely adore the little dresses! 

At Hei Moose we also stock cool unisex clothes that offer variety from the traditional pink and blue and are great for passing on or for future siblings. Moreover I have picked Nordic favourites and for the first time Kram Barnklader, JNY Design, Znok Design, Papu Design and PaaPii Design are also available for shoppers in the UK. Also check out our organic cotton products!

Some stock items are limited so therefore act fast to avoid disappointment. At the moment we stock clothes for children mainly up to 8-year-olds, however, if you require bigger sizes, or sizes for premature babies, please get in touch and we’ll see what we can do.

Keep in touch with us by signing up to our newsletters and get to know us by following our blog, facebook, pinterest and twitter pages! Also if you have any comments or feedback we would love to hear from you.

I hope you’ll enjoy shopping at Hei Moose and hope to see you again soon!

Annika x


PS. What does Hei Moose actually mean? In English it is just a friendly "Hello Moose" that combines my native language Finnish "Hei" [pronounced like "hey" and means hi] and Nordic icon "Moose"!

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