Size guide

Continental Sizes 

Nordic baby and children clothes follow continental sizing. Sizes are given in centimetres instead of weight or age. The following guide should help you to find the right size.


Height (cm)
50 0 months | tiny baby
56 0 months | newborn
62 3 months
68 6 months
74 9 months
80 12 months
86 18 months
92             2 years
98         3 years
104 4 years
110 5 years
116 6 years 
122 7 years
128 8 years
134 9 years
140 10 years
146 11 years
152 12 years

Babies’ sizes start from 50 cm and go up every 6 cm, so for example size 68 corresponds to 6 months and therefore fits usually up till 6 months, ie. babies between 3-6 months. Since babies grow length slower after the first year, there are bigger age gaps for toddlers.


As all babies are different there may be smaller or taller babies. If in doubt, you can check your baby’s size by measuring their length (cm). You can then check the length in your yellow/red book or baby’s personal health record to predict future size. For longer babies that grow out of bodies faster, you can use body extenders. Also if you use cloth nappies please allow for space.


If you have any questions about the sizes please feel free to contact us on



Dual Sizing

Maxomorra to some extent uses dual cm sizing, for example 50/56, 62/68.  If your child is well into the 2nd age group of the size, for example 55 cm, the next size up 62/68 could offer more use.

Update: from Spring 2016 Maxomorra uses single sizes for the smaller sizes to improve fitting.

Update: from January 2018 Maxomorra is back using dual sizes, see the updated size guide below.


Brand Differences

Nordic baby and children's clothes are generally thought to be more generous than say French ones.

Although all our brands use standard continental sizing some there are some variation between the brands: JNY Design’s sizes are slightly more generous, and some people find Duns and Smafolk a little bit on the larger side too. Maxomorra is considered on the generous side too.

Maxomorra updated size chart:

January 2018 - Dual Sizing:

Spring 2016 - single sizing:

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